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GOP Candidates Oppose For The People Act

  • 2 min read

#NCSEN GOP Candidates Stand Against Anti-Corruption For The People Act

As the U.S. Senate votes on whether to advance the For The People Act, GOP Senate candidates have made it clear that they are too weak to stand up to corruption in Washington. Congressman Ted Budd voted against HR1, claiming it “rigs” elections, and Mark Walker opposed the legislation saying that if it passed, “election abuse would be the norm.” Neither of them survived fact checks after making misleading and “patently false” claims about the bill.

“Congressman Ted Budd and Mark Walker, who both stood by the former president’s efforts to undermine our democracy, are once again putting their own political interests over rooting out corruption and dark money in our political system,” said Kate Frauenfelder, NCDP spokeswoman. “North Carolina voters deserve leaders who safeguard our democracy, root out Washington corruption, and ensure that the government works for the people.” 

In addition to expanding access to the ballot box, the For The People Act would:

  • Strengthen government ethics laws by requiring the President and Vice President to divest themselves of conflicts of interest and disclose tax returns
  • Expand the definition of lobbying to crack down on “shadow lobbying” 
  • Require super PACs and other “dark money” groups to disclose their donors
  • Bar congresspeople from serving on corporate boards
  • Tighten up requirements for foreign registered agents