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The CCDP Billboards Story Video

Narration by Gail Peace, Production by Matthew McSwain

We want to extend a special heartfelt THANK YOU to the Democratic Women of Cleveland County and to their President, Joyce Gladstone, for their amazing fund raising which has made the Billboards Project possible.

The CCDP Billboards Story Text

Text by Gail Peace

Maybe you’ve seen them as you have driven across Cleveland County: those colorful signs towering proudly over the roadways extolling the virtues of Democrats and our causes. Maybe you’ve wondered how those billboards came to be. Well, it’s a story of teamwork that’s worth sharing.

It all started several years ago with Evelyn Morehead and BJ Zamora’s frustration over the way Democrats were characterized by many in our county. These two women came up with the idea of placing billboards around the county to shine a positive light on Democrats. After $6,000 in pledges to fund the project was secured by BJ and Evelyn, The Cleveland County Democratic Party was on board and billboards began to be put in place.  Before long, The Cleveland County Democratic Women, under the leadership of Joyce Gladstone, jumped on the billboard fundraising bandwagon taking those efforts to a whole new level. Possibilities were on their way to being realized!

So many have contributed their time, talents, and, financial resources. Joyce Gladstone has led the way with fundraising. Evelyn Morehead, BJ Zamora, Michelle Roberts, and the Billboard Committee have contributed in so many ways. Pam Harmon has worked tirelessly securing sign locations, creating designs, and leading the Billboard Committee meetings, and has been the driving force behind the finished designs you see as you drive through Cleveland County. This project has truly been a team effort!

Last year the Cleveland County Democratic Party established four emphases for our party.  Two of these are BRANDING and VISIBILITY. The billboards help make us visible and highlight our brand by sharing the message of who we are as Democrats, what we stand for, accomplishments we have made in the past and the hopes we have for the future.

Currently, there are five different billboards across the county. Four of these are traditional printed vinyl billboards that rotate locations every three months. Currently, one of these is located in Kings Mountain, two are on the outer fringes of Shelby, and one is located in a more rural area of Cleveland County. The digital billboard is located across Hwy 74 from Shelby High School and displays four messages at any given time. These messages appear on a rotating basis every two minutes, 24/7. Thanks to the Billboard Project, we now have eight different messages being seen in Cleveland County every single day.

The billboard project became a reality because so many contributed funds to make it possible. At this point, over $13,000 dollars has been raised. It takes $1,900 per month to keep the billboards up and running. So far this year, we have spent $9,578.33.  Our goal for fundraising this year is $30,000. As you can see, we still have a ways to go! We welcome your help in reaching this goal!

NOTE: The financial information above has become outdated as time has passed. For instance, our first-year financial goals were met. We signed new contracts and began year two fundraising efforts in the last quarter of 2022.

Because of the work of so many, these billboards are now a beacon shining a light on our party and say to all that Democrats are a presence in Cleveland County and that we are alive and well!

You are invited to join this effort! Democracy needs us now more than ever, and we need you! Your financial support is essential in keeping our message up for all to see. If you would like to contribute, please go to our website at, click on Donate, and then click on Billboard Fund.

This project is evidence that one idea can set events in motion that can be a game changer. We are grateful to all who have contributed in any way to this project, but we owe a special debt of gratitude to Evelyn Morehead, BJ Zamora, Joyce Gladstone, and Pam Harmon for their vision and hard work in moving this from an idea to a reality. Democracy needs you too! Please join the cause in any way you are able!

Many thanks to the Billboards Messaging Committee: Kent Blevins, Gail Peace, Angela Woods, Katie Champion, Matthew McSwain, Betsy Wells, Joyce Gladstone, Michelle Roberts, and Pam Harmon.

Digital Billboards by CCDP

Traditional Billboards by CCDP