Juneteenth — June 19, 1865

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NCDP Chair Bobbie Richardson and the Party’s African American Caucus President Felita Donnell issued the following statement:

“Today we commemorate the 156th anniversary of Juneteenth, a proud celebration of freedom for African Americans, a time to honor the leaders who fought for liberty even in the face of adversity, and a symbol of our country’s journey toward true equality and justice for all. Today is also a painful reminder that while this day in history may mark the end of slavery, you do not have to search far to see that the legacy of racism still pervades our society. We send our prayers to those who have lost loved ones due to racial violence, especially the family of Andrew Brown Jr. and the entire community of Elizabeth City. Let us recommit ourselves to the fight ahead and pledge that those trying to traffic in fear and hate will not take us backward. So long as America falls short of its highest ideals of equality and opportunity, our work remains undone. We will keep marching and fighting. Together, we can make progress. America can change for the better.”

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