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Save the Cleveland County School Board

  • 3 min read


Cleveland County is lucky to have four excellent Democratic candidates running for School Board this election. Experienced, steady, thoughtful incumbents Phillip Glover, Dena Green, and Coleman Hunt are running for re-election. Passionate quick-learning newcomer Meghan Hoppes is seeking a first term.

Phillip Glover, a local business owner who retired from the North Carolina Highway Patrol after 30 years of service, has served on the school board for 17 years. Phillip has one child who is currently in the Cleveland County school system and another who is attending NC State University. Phillip’s wife, Holly Glover, has taught in our school system for over 27 years.

Coleman Hunt and Dena Green have both served on the school board for 5 years each.

Coleman brings 40 years of experience in education to the board. He is also a parent of two children who graduated from Cleveland County schools before going on to earn higher degrees. Coleman has been a teacher, principal, coach, and athletic director – all in the same school district.

Dena Green is a very involved parent of four who has volunteered in our school system for over two decades. Three of her children graduated from the Cleveland County school system, and her fourth, a star wide receiver at Crest High School, is on track to have his higher education paid for at any of several excellent universities. Two of Dena’s children have moved back to Cleveland County after earning higher degrees and are currently employed in the Cleveland County school system. Before being elected to the school board five years ago, Dena worked as a tutor, Teacher’s Assistant Interim, and substitute teacher. Dena also has over 16 years of experience running the youth sports program in upper Cleveland County. She is a photographer and small  business owner.

Meghan Hoppes is a young inquisitive mom who works in commercial banking. Meghan has worked in banking since 2001 and is currently employed in Treasury Managment as a Business Analyst. She is the daughter of an educator, a product of the Cleveland County school system, and a graduate of NC State. Meghan could not deny a strong calling to get involved to do her part to make our school system the best it can be for all our children, teachers, and other school system employees. Meghan will bring a fresh perspective to the school board.

All these fine candidates want to serve on the Board of Education for the right reasons: to protect and provide for our children, our teachers, our administrators, and our staff. They want to ensure that the Cleveland County school system becomes a shining example of what a school system should be. 

Please cast your vote for these great candidates and enourage others to do the same.