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Public Testing Of Election Machines

  • 1 min read
ExpressVote voting machine

The Cleveland County Board of Elections will hold a public meeting March 9, 2021, at 9 a.m. at the Legrand Center. The purpose of the meeting is to conduct a simulated election for public demonstration and testing of the ES&S Voting System 5240 and the ES&S Expressvote Ballot Marking Device. The demonstration will focus on the equipment used in elections and the mechanics of an election. This meeting is held in accordance with G.S.163-165.9(a)(3)(b).

The LeGrand Center is located at 1800 E. Marion Street in Shelby, North Carolina. Please remember to wear a mask and observe social distancing guidelines when you attend. If you would like more information concerning this meeting, call 704-484-4858.