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Rev. Dr. Robert E. Devoe

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In Loving Memory

Rev. Dr. Robert E. Devoe holding awardHow blessed we’ve been in Cleveland County to have had the leadership and loving kindness of the Rev. Dr. Robert E. Devoe. Born Nov. 5, 1932, he died May 21 after decades of service to church, country, and community; he stands tall over our history here.

Read his remarkable obituary here and join as we extend condolences to his large and loving family. We Democrats respected and appreciated his lifelong efforts to encourage voter participation plus free and fair elections. 

Many of you will recall that at our 2016 CCDP County Convention, we presented Rev. Dr. DeVoe recognition unique to him–our Steadfast Award.

In presenting the award, Shelby 4 Precinct Chair John Bridges said in part: 

“…Democrats want to present you with what we named The Steadfast Award. That is what you have been—steadfast—for more than 60 years serving the community, church, and, yes, our party here in Cleveland County.

…From the time in the early 60s, you led peaceful marches on the Shelby cour square in support of desegregated lunch counters and schools. 

…All the time, you worked in organizations such as our party and NAACP, making it clear your interest was the equality and good of ALL people…

…Even to recent times you attended Elections Board meetings to show our Democratic support for free and fair voting…. 

…Through all the years you’ve shepherded congregations on their faith journeys…

… Steadfast in your values, Rev. DeVoe, steadfast in demonstrating them. Thank you.”;