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CCDP Faces — We Are All In This Together

  • 1 min read
The CCDP Faces video project was slated to be showcased first in our Cleveland County Fair booth beginning Sept. 30. Then the fair was canceled. But the fair committee elected to move forward with the video project anyway. And we’re sure glad they did!

More than 40 volunteers participated in filming across two days and five locations. Matthew McSwain directed, filmed and produced the video. And Katie Champion coordinated getting volunteers to the right sites at the right times. 

The video displays a variety of people from across our community and even a cute pup. Dispersed among the live shots are these messages:
  • We are your friends.
  • We are your neighbors.
  • We are your community.
  • We are all in this together.

From now on, let’s just refer to Matthew as Maestro. 

“CCDP Faces” will be available on our website, YouTube channel, Facebook page and Twitter account. We plan to use it during our annual convention and in our next fair booth. Feel free to share it far and wide. It’s one small part of our effort to define who we are.